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Loving God                                                                                                                Loving People

Easter Greetings!

April is here; hopefully the weather is becoming more spring like and we can enjoy lighter evenings. Amongst all that we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus – the heart of our Christian faith. But what about the build up to this point? As I have journeyed through Lent this year watching the BBC/Bible Society DVD ‘The Passion’ at our Lent Course every Tuesday evening, (not to be confused with the Mel Gibson film ‘The Passion of the Christ’), I have been struck by the uncertainty facing Jesus’ disciples and friends, and by the Jewish religious leaders of that time.

A lot of the time they just did not grasp who Jesus was or what he was trying to tell them. It made me wonder how much has really changed for us today? We call Jesus ‘The Son of God’, we sing hymns about Him, we pray to Him…but do we really understand what he has done for us and what that means for our lives each day?

Perhaps we have questions like: Why did His death make such a difference? How did Jesus’ death  bring us forgiveness? Would a loving God seriously have allowed His son to be killed?

Don’t worry if you have these sorts of questions. It’s a sure sign that your faith is important to you. Use your prayer times to ask God to help you understand. Talk to other Christians about how they feel about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection – maybe even use a different Bible translation to the one you read normally. Have a look at some of the Easter hymns and songs.

There is a mystery about this Easter event  - we don’t have to understand it all, but something deep within us can change each year as we grasp the magnitude of God’s love afresh for us today.

I’ll end with words from a modern Easter hymn by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty:

See God’s salvation plan,
        Wrought in love, borne in pain, paid in sacrifice,
        Fulfilled in Christ, the Man,
        For He lives: Christ is risen from the dead!

Every Blessing