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Trinity Church Totton

A Methodist / United Reformed Church Local Ecumenical Project

Loving God                                                                                                                Loving People

Pastoral Letter - June 2019


Music often fills our thoughts, or a part of them anyway – hymns or songs from church, music from the radio or television; CDs we might to listen to in the car; a jingle from an advert, a football chant (for a few of us perhaps!), a concert… It doesn’t matter if we can hold a tune or not when we try to sing it out; the tune we hear in our head is perfect!

There is music for our every mood – a relatively small number of basic notes can be creatively woven into mind-boggling masterpieces for our ears. How wonderful that our creator God has given the world the gift of music. I wonder what your current favourite is? Have you got a tune that keeps on rising up within you? The tune I can’t shake off at the moment is for the hymn ‘O God you search me and you know me. All my thoughts lie open to your gaze’. (728 in Singing the Faith, by Bernadette Farrell, based on Psalm 139).

Enjoy those moments when music fills your soul. Ask God whether there is anything God is wanting to say to you through it? By the time you read this we may have had our ‘Songs of Praise’ service (6.30 pm on June 2nd), when different folk from amongst us will have chosen songs and hymns that are meaningful to them. I am sure it will be an uplifting occasion. Good preparation for Pentecost on June 9th – how will the Holy Spirit impact on our lives at Trinity for the rest of 2019?

You can use hymns as prayers, or to lead you into prayer; you can use music to meditate on Bible verses (just sing a Bible verse to a well-known hymn tune, and repeat it over and over again…see what happens!); you can even sing your own prayers rather than speak them – be creative! Hopefully this will get you in the mood for our next ‘24/7 Prayer Week’

(August 4th-11th).

I would love it if the mere thought of prayer made your heart sing!

May you know the joy of God deep within you,

Every Blessing,


PS. Don’t forget our Church Weekend in October (18th-20) – still time to sign up. A great chance for us to get together, away from home, for good teaching, fellowship and food. Don’t miss out!