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Trinity Church Totton

A Methodist / United Reformed Church Local Ecumenical Project

Loving God                                                                                                                Loving People

Pastoral Letter - February 2019

Greetings Friends!

When Jesus gathered together the 12 men who were his first disciples, they were quite a mixture of unlikely characters – they had various flaws and rough edges… not much has changed in 2000 years you might say to yourself! Some of those 12 we know very little about - Nathanael is mentioned only in John’s Gospel (6 times on the occasion of his first meeting with Jesus, John 1:43-49, and once when he met the risen Jesus, John 21:2). What I find most interesting about Nathanael is that when he heard Jesus was from Nazareth, he was initially prejudiced against him; he said, ‘Can anything good come out of Nazareth?’ But despite his reservations he responded to his friend Philip’s invitation to ‘come and see’. When he met Jesus, his life was transformed.

I remind you of this because in our church life we have to face many things that we might feel negative about and we might wonder what good can come out of them. For some of us this might include Café-Style Worship, or Church Meetings on a Sunday afternoon, or Bible Study groups, or Prayer Meetings, or Church Weekends Away…

Those of you who are church members here at Trinity will know that part of your commitment as a church member is to attend Worship, to come to Church Meetings, and to share in Prayer and Bible Study. I want to encourage you, whether you are church members or not, to open your hearts and your minds to those things that you might personally not like very much, or not even have tried, so that you do not miss out on something that God has to offer. We need to follow Jesus closely if we are to see our world changed. Just think, if Nathanael and the other disciples had just shrugged their shoulders and stayed away from Jesus, how would we have known about the saving and transforming power and love of God today?

If you’ve never been to an evening service here (every week at 6,30 pm), or the 8.30 am communion (on the 4th Sunday of each month), or the 4.30 pm Prayer Tea (every 3rd Sunday of the month), or a Bible Study (see the notices), or the Craft and Chatter group (the 3rd Friday morning of each month) be a Nathanael and give it a try. Start with the Church Meeting which begins after a hot lunch together at church on Sunday 10th Feb after the morning service, and will end by 3.30 pm – all are welcome – see you there! (Let an elder or myself know if you are coming so we can feed you all).

Be encouraged, be transformed and be blessed,